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Oakville-Trafalgar Memorial Hospital Lands Study

As work continues on the New Oakville Hospital project, the town is producing a redevelopment plan for the existing hospital lands through the Oakville-Trafalgar Memorial Hospital (OTMH) Lands Study. The study provides an opportunity for the town to work with the community to find the most appropriate redevelopment concept for the hospital lands.
The OTMH Lands Study is a requirement of the Livable Oakville Plan. It will result in changes to the town's zoning by-law to enable redevelopment of the OTMH lands in keeping with the policies of the Livable Oakville Plan.

Study area and context

The study area focuses on the OTMH property on the south side of Macdonald Road, between Reynolds Street and Allan Street. The property includes the existing hospital buildings, the old Oakville Trafalgar High School building, and the Wyndham Manor Long Term Care Centre. A severance will be required to create a separate parcel for Wyndham Manor, leaving an area of about 5.38 hectares (13.3 acres) to be studied for redevelopment.

The OTMH Lands Study will be incorporated into the larger South Central Land Use Study, which will review a number of other potential redevelopment sites in south central Oakville (e.g. school sites, arena, Midtown) and make recommendations about their future use, including recreation uses.

That study is recommended by the draft Parks, Recreation and Library Facilities Master Plan (Nov. 2011), which says that the establishment of a minor community centre (approx. 20-30,000 sq. ft.) in south central Oakville should be explored.

Policy directions

The policies of the approved Livable Oakville Plan identify the OTMH lands as a potential residential redevelopment area. The policies state that the lands may be redeveloped with low and medium density housing forms (detached and semi-detached dwellings, townhouses and low-rise apartments) at an overall density of 29 units per site hectare. Community uses may also be permitted. Any redevelopment would be subject to the requirements of the Plan, most notably the compatibility criteria for residential development in s. 11.1.9, which are intended to maintain and protect the existing neighbourhood character.

Sharing the vision

A community visioning workshop (Workshop 1) was held on June 17, 2010 to discuss community aspirations for the OTMH lands.

Design options

The input received from the community at the visioning workshop in June 2010, and through stakeholder interviews in 2011, was strongly in favour of residential redevelopment on the OTMH lands within the parameters established by the Livable Oakville Plan.

Four draft land use/design options were presented at the design options workshop (Workshop 2) on March 1, 2012. Two of the options (1a & 1b) focus on residential redevelopment.

Each of the other two options (2a & 2b) also proposes a potential location for a minor community centre. The South Central Land Use Study (SCLUS) will review a number of candidate sites in south central Oakville and make recommendations about their future use, including the location of the minor community centre. If the OTMH area is identified as the preferred location for the minor community centre, the feedback provided on the design options (2a & 2b) will be considered in the final recommendations of the SCLUS.

A summary of the input received at the design options workshop will be posted by the end of March 2012.