Vision 2057

Oakville will celebrate its bicentennial in 2057, and though it may seem like a long way away, we’re already thinking about how our actions today are impacting the Oakville of tomorrow. Council and town staff are working together to integrate projects and initiatives to create one, cohesive road map for the future.

Vision 2057 (pdf, 1.3 MB) brings together all of the town’s master plans and other key planning initiatives. Public engagement is a strong component in shaping the future of our community, so get involved by attending a public meeting or participating in a focus group.

Over the next few years Council and town staff will develop the plans listed below, and be guided by three principle documents: Town of Oakville Strategic Work Plan, Livable Oakville Official Plan, and the Town of Oakville Sustainability Plan.

Create it! Vision 2057

To create our community:

Preserve it! Vision 2057

To preserve our environment:

Afford it! Vision 2057

To keep our community affordable:

Live it! Vision 2057

To live well in our community: